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I began practicing yoga during my career as a professional modern dancer & I have been teaching yoga-based classes since 1983. I draw on an extensive background of bodywork, the Alexander technique, Pilates, energy work, meditation and more recently in the Viniyoga tradition. In my ongoing journey and practice I've developed The Fuller Method, synthesizing a beneficial array of body knowledge and mindfulness. I guide students to move their bodies with more focused attention. Linking the movement of the breath with the movement of the body optimizes deep physiological & structural benefits & cultivates vital energy & over-all well being.

The light infused studio sits amidst magnificent woodlands, offering students a unique retreat-like setting in which to enhance their experience of peace & self renewal.

Building upon over 30 years of experience, I continue to expand my knowledge of the wise teachings of yoga.  I completed the Viniyoga Foundations Certification in 2016 & graduated with a 1000 Hour Certification as a Yoga Therapist  in 2018 from the American Viniyoga Institute. Growing & learning new tools to better serve you!

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